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Virtual Teamwork doesn’t just work; it’s key to how we excel at VERVE.

Some call it remote work. This connotes distant and individual responsibility.

Virtual Teamwork integrates all roles together to a common plan and vision.

But it only works if you have 2 key ingredients:

Trust and clarity.

Here’s what I mean:

1. Trust

Virtual teamwork demands more than just digital connectivity; it requires a deep-rooted trust in each team member’s capabilities and commitment.

It is this trust that each team member knows their role and executes it with excellence—without anyone having to micromanage from above.

And as always, faith plays a vital role. It’s our belief in one another that allows us to trust that we will succeed as a team, even though we’re distanced.

2. Clarity

When building a boundaryless organization like ours at VERVE, every team member must understand the strategy—what winning looks like in the big picture—and know their role within that vision.

It’s how we ensure everyone is aligned, motivated, and effective, regardless of where they are in the world.

This clarity empowers our team to execute at a high-level individually, and then bring our efforts together to deliver a superior product and experience.

At VERVE, we work tirelessly to set a new standard for what a trusting, flexible, and highly-effective work environment looks like for our team members and our trusted partners.

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