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We have a different name for remote work.

At VERVE, we call it “virtual teamwork.”

It’s a dynamic approach rooted in trust and transparency, which are essential elements for any successful team.

Our virtual teamwork isn’t something we force. It just exists naturally because we’ve all worked together for so long in the auto insurance industry.

It’s built on a profound respect for each other’s talents and, more importantly, integrity.

Every team member brings a blue-collar work ethic into a white-collar environment. We’re all ready to roll up our sleeves, show up consistently day after day, and tackle any challenge that comes our way.

No egos. No hesitation to get our hands dirty.

Whether it’s IT, Customer Service or any other issue, we step in and offer help wherever it’s needed.

This willingness to support each other is what solidifies our trust. We know we can always rely on one another.

Trust at VERVE is also about valuing people. It’s about respecting the integrity of each individual, not just in their professional roles but in how they conduct their lives.

Everyone on our team has been in situations where they weren’t valued or worked with people lacking integrity.

That’s a place none of us want to return to. And that’s why we hold each other accountable to maintain our high standards.

We encourage everyone to speak up, even to challenge ME if they believe there’s a better way!

This openness ensures that every voice is heard and valued. By listening to each other, we reinforce the trust and collaboration that drive our success.

This is the VERVE way.

It’s not just about doing business. It’s about how we treat people, value integrity, and work together to achieve great things.

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