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Besides providing profitable programs and distribution, and outsized returns for our carrier and reinsurance partners, we make it easy to partner with VERVE.

For most MGAs, offering services like filing development and mandatory reporting can be hassle.

At VERVE, this is just part of what we do for our partners.

We’re a full-service MGA that does everything an insurance company needs.

Here are some enhanced services we provide that make us different:

• Product & Filing Development

We manage the entire process—from the initial and ongoing product development to the preparation and submission of filings to the handling of the back-and-forth communications with departments.

• Statistical Reporting

Reporting to regulators can be complex and labor-intensive.

We handle the data, format it per regulations, and submit it for our clients.

• Additional Statutory Requirements

Whether it’s data calls, statutory reporting, specialized calls, MCAS calls, or other regulatory needs, we have systems to manage these efficiently.

• Actuarial Reporting

We provide comprehensive actuarial analysis and data runs, to help our partners see and project their earnings clearly.

Other companies pay hundreds of thousands annually for these services.

At VERVE, we provide these services at no additional cost to our partners. And save them the time and effort of spending months developing these capabilities on their own.

In auto insurance, having a partner who can manage these intricate and essential tasks goes a long way.

It frees them up to focus on growth and strategy, knowing that the operational complexities are overseen.

It’s our job and our mission to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional value for our partners!

If you need any of these services, send me a message. VERVE would be happy to support.

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