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Leadership is an artform.

Everyone has their own style, based on their unique experiences and challenges.

Here are 10 lessons that I’ve learned and leaned on throughout my career as a leader in business:

1. Lead by example – Actions, Behaviors, and Values.

2. Own it and lead through the good and the bad.

3. Act, Learn, and Act again and again and again – Avoid “paralysis by analysis.”

4. Crystal Clear Vision – All team members must know their roles and that their contributions are valued.

5. Passion – Close your eyes and think “Does what you are working on excite you or not?” If not, answer the question, what excites you in life and business? Go find it.

6. Master the art of identifying and acting upon the vital few items that will drive 99 percent of the results.

7. Inspire – Truly care about others, understand them, and help them grow as individuals for their “care abouts.”

8. Daily disciplines and routines – Work ethic wins! Don’t bet against the person who keeps showing up day in and day out. My daily routines include cold plunge, quiet prayer time, and exercise.

9. Listen – Two ears, one mouth…you do the math.

10. Look in the mirror, Look again! What do you see? Be honest, but don’t beat yourself up too much – Are you living out the person and leader you want to be every day, no matter what?

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