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The “return to office “push by some companies isn’t really about maximizing operational efficiency or building company culture.

It’s actually about leadership in many cases.

Some jobs/roles demand in-person requirements due to their brick-and-mortar service models like hotels and restaurants.

But many service models like VERVE’s are value-added wholesalers that don’t depend on corporate office environments.

Whether or not companies like ours require their employees to return to offices reflects how strong and secure those at the top really are.

The narrative that certain functions can’t be done virtually often masks leadership’s discomfort with control and traditional oversight.

However, the true measure of leadership in the era of virtual work is the ability to:
• provide the vision
• foster trust and autonomy
• maintain alignment and accountability

This innovation in leadership can unlock unprecedented levels of productivity, employee satisfaction, and attract and retain employees from around the globe rather than from a limited geography.

But it requires having people at the helm who can build trust with their team by clearly communicating the big picture and everyone’s roles therein.

And who trust their teammates to execute once those expectations have been set.

Old-school, Napoleonic leaders often judge their employees by who shows up to the office most consistently, who stays the latest and who they can keep tabs on.

At VERVE, we measure our team members and our partners not by their presence, but by their productivity.

Spread across 17 states and 3 countries, VERVE team members and partners are not hindered by distance.

Rather through proper planning, communication strategies, and the use of appropriate technology, we are linked tighter than ever.

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