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Last week I received an intriguing email from one of our Team VERVE members with the subject Persistence Pays Off.

I excitedly opened the email to read about his continued efforts which resulted in a successful contact and commitment.

Persistency is about consistency, determination, endurance, and tenacity.

In our business, we need 6 to 8 connections to achieve our sales goal while it can take up to 13 contacts to do so in other industries.

But how do you be persistent without being perceived as a pest?

It can be a delicate balance using a nuanced approach to earn the right to make the sale.

Here is how I think about it:

1. Respect time and frequency by being mindful of your follow-ups. Do not bombard your prospect with excessive inquiries.

2. Provide value with each interaction by offering relevant info or assistance. If you recognize you will need to be persistent from the first interaction, slowly feed them your insights with each additional interaction.

3. Be courteous and professional to avoid displaying demanding characteristics.

4. Adapt your communication style to their preferences to build rapport and trust.

5. Listen to understand their perspective and to show you value their input.

6. Know when to step back as persistence can become counterproductive and unwelcome.

7. Be authentic. Avoid using manipulative tactics or being overly aggressive in your pursuit.

While being persistent to seal the deal is important, building genuine connections and trust will ultimately contribute to long-term success and sustainability.

VERVE’s balance of persistence with sales techniques allowed us to expand our sales distribution channel to further penetrate our niche markets.

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