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The allure of cutting-edge technology is undeniable, even in a legacy industry like auto insurance.

Yet, many Insurtech ventures focus on technology for technology’s sake.

That approach misses the real value that tech efficiency can produce.

At VERVE, we believe that technology should provide:

• better service
• lower costs
• an improved loss ratio

Despite billions in funding, many Insurtech companies have fallen short on these fundamental goals. They are not delivering the transformative results the industry anticipated.

But we see the potential in both worlds. VERVE leverages advanced technology while drawing from deep industry experience.

Our use of Looker, a powerful BI tool, is a perfect example.

Looker empowers our experienced insurance professionals to access and interpret data effectively. This integration allows us to make informed decisions swiftly.

This blend of technology and experience is what sets VERVE apart.

Our team is seasoned with experience on the MGA and carrier sides. That enables us to make quick, effective decisions.

We recognize that real power comes when you combine data with insight.

You can’t truly understand what data is saying until you’re immersed in it. If insurance professionals are hindered by a lack of technical skills, crucial insights can be lost in translation.

AI can be a huge help here. By reviewing massive data sets, it can find golden nuggets that even the savviest of insurance professionals couldn’t in a fraction of the time.

We combine the precision of technology and the wisdom of experience to drive meaningful results in auto insurance.

It’s the best of both worlds.

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