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This nugget of wisdom from an old mentor of mine will double your productivity.

“Stop trying to cram all the work in yourself,” he told me.

“Instead invest in teaching others.”

This advice has been a cornerstone of my approach to leadership.

Making demands of others is part of the job, but it’s important to do so from a place of relatedness and understanding to foster mutual respect and genuine effort.

In other words, you’ve got to earn the right to lead.

Whether you’re closing a sale, collaborating with your team, or pursuing a new business partner, it all boils down to care. If your team doesn’t believe in your commitment to their well-being, you’ve lost before you’ve begun.

Show that you genuinely care about their professional growth and personal well-being.

You have to be in the foxhole, get down in the trenches and actively participate alongside your team to impart your knowledge and skills and to build trust and respect.

Leadership, at its heart, is about cultivating a sense of relatedness. A bond that transcends mere transactional interactions and fosters a productive, engaged, and wholeheartedly committed team.

The strength of your leadership is measured not by your capacity to do the work alone, but by your ability to inspire, teach, and grow others.

This is how you scale—not just in business, but in impact and influence.

This is how I lead at VERVE.

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