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There’s a place for faith in business.

In fact, faith is integral to everything we do at VERVE.

And not just faith in God, though that is certainly important to me.

In business, where uncertainty is everywhere, faith takes many forms:

• Faith in ourselves – to deliver for our partners and customers while charting our own course.
• Faith in each other – to do our jobs and build a supportive team.
• Faith in our partners – to trust our process and fulfill their obligations.
• Faith in our business plan – to differentiate us from the competition by valuing our relationships with people and partners.

Faith centers us. Faith with perseverance brings hope and then, together with consistent discipline, builds character to deal with—and overcome—adversity. This type of culture can do anything and believe all things are possible.

I have a deep conviction for what we are doing and how we do it every day.

All of which is rooted in faith.

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