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You might have noticed something about me:  I talk a lot about faith in business.

It’s been important to me for years, but I credit one person in particular for giving me the confidence to discuss it publicly:

John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell’s thoughts on integrating faith in our professional lives have been a guiding light for me. His teachings remind us that our work isn’t separate from our beliefs—it’s a reflection of them.

This principle has empowered me to speak openly about the role of faith in shaping my decisions, leadership style, and ethos at VERVE.

With Maxwell’s example, I aim to be a leader who not only achieves business success but also fosters an environment where faith and work go hand-in-hand.

It’s about being true to myself and allowing that authenticity to guide my leadership and business practices.

To those wondering if it’s possible to lead with faith at the forefront in today’s business world, let John Maxwell’s example be your answer.

It’s not just possible; it’s a pathway to deeper fulfillment and lasting impact.

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