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Some eye-opening stats about startup failures:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 23% of new businesses fail within their first year, and nearly 50% don’t make it past the fifth year.

A big reason for their failure?

A lack of clear direction.

I believe everyone in an organization must know their role. My role is to communicate, support and lead the VERVE team.

Whether you’re scaling from a one-person venture or growing a team, you have to set a strategy with specific goals.

The Small Business Administration notes that inadequate planning is among the top reasons businesses fail.

When clarity is at the forefront, the path to success becomes evident.

Clarity isn’t just beneficial.

It’s essential for your business’ longevity.

At VERVE, our strategy is clear and executed using our scalable technology and distribution platform which allows us to:

• Source and mine internal and external data sets from the auto insurance industry.
• Apply predictive analytics to that data.
• Use those analytics to find profitable niches within the $316 billion private passenger auto insurance market.
• Produce underwriting profits that outperform the industry.
• Provide outsized returns to our insurance and reinsurance partners.

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